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Nice 'n Nasty

Producer - TanyaKicks TK008 47 minutes
Demi vs Christine Dupree
TanyaKicks vs Helen Von Mott

The first fight features Christine Dupree vs Team Tanya's Demi the Dragon. The match quickly goes topless and is rough. This is a submission rules catfight that allowed hair pulling, bites, slaps, breastwork etc. No punches, kicks, or scratching. In spite of the rules, one of the girls does actually resort to throwing some punches and kicks and her opponent responds in kind. In the end it is clear one girl has bitten off more than she can chew as her blows have no real effect. Clearly losing, she submits in frustration.

The second match pits catfighter Tanya against Brazilian Jui Jitsu artist Helen Von Mott. The rules for both fighters were adjusted to try to accomodate their differing fight styles. Basically a modified catfight, this is without a doubt one of the nastiest real catfights ever filmed. Both these women fight like tigers and the battle is very even. In the end one girl gets virtually choked out accidentally. To her credit she rejoins the fight, but disoriented and weakened, she finally concedes the battle for that day following a final violent flurry of action to try to take the initiative.

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