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Oil Battle of the SexesProducer: BOTs, 80 minutes,mixed sensuous oil wrestling, full length download, all VHS formats and DVD.Trunks for the boys and bikinis for the gals, some toplessness.

Sometimes lovers have their disagreements. These couples like to coat up in oil and deal with these issues on the mats! These matches are a unique mix of sensuality and combat. The moves are often nasty, but no one is out to kill one another. One moment its a tender feeling up of your opponent, the next its a nasty groin clawing!

You get three matches on this video, with some of the hottest men and women around. You can certainly feel the heat off these folks as the oil brings out the baser instincts. You have all the regular wrestling moves, but hey did she just bite his ear? Yep, and he just slapped her ass, but got teeth in the groin in return! Both sexes go for groin and chest attacks but then slither and slide against each other the next moment only to end up in a face sit. Back and forth erotically charged semi-competitive action.

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