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Sam vs Lisa (#Catz04)

Producer - Catz UK 37 minutes - DVD or downloadable video
Attire: Clothes get ripped off during the fight

Age - 34
Height - 5'5"
Weight - 210 lbs
Bust - 34B 
Age - 32


Age - 32
Height - 5'4"
Weight = 154 lbs
Size = 14
Bust = 36C  

Lisa had a brief trial against Sam the week before this match was shot. Never have we had a fighter that went all out from the start of the trial... There was instant competition between her and Sam which led us to set up this match... and we weren't wrong - it turned out to be one of the best yet with both fighters giving their all until the last minute. The first of no less than eight rounds started as things were to go. Both fighters instantly locked up with merciless hair pulling. Sam had squeezed into her glittery top but the flimsy straps didn't last long against Lisa's brutal grasp. Lisa soon started to use her weight advantage to land some incredibly heavy slaps to Sam's body. You can hear the booming echo as Lisa's hand lands time and time again on Sam's back. It wasn't long before Sam's back was covered in scratches, welts and bruises.

It was far from a one-sided affair though as what Sam lacked in weight she made up for in experience and it wasn't long before her vicious breast attacks left Lisa squirming in pain. This was brewing to be one hell of a match. As the rounds ticked by the match swung back and forth... bits of clothing littered the mats and both fighters ripped hair from each others heads, both engaged in some nasty breast attacks and brutal slapping echoed around the room. It was impossible to call which way this one was going! Both fighters were breathing heavily but amazingly neither gave up throughout. Despite being pinned, Sam rolled out of it and proceeded to to rip into Lisa's chest. We thought Lisa was going to call it a day but she took it, and saw out the round, leaving a huge clump of her hair on the mats!

The rounds ticked by and both fighters continued - one minute Sam was looking like she was going to win, the next Lisa was once again pummelling viciously hard slaps into Sam's body. Sam's back had now swelled and was looking a right mess but it didn't bother her in the slightest... She was giving every bit as much as she took. After Round 7 both girls were absolutely exhausted - but neither was willing to quit. Sam was determined to maintain her unbeaten record and Lisa was eager for a first time victory. Round 8 was set to be time-unlimited and to go on simply until one fighter could take no more. Round 8 went on and on... Just when you thought one fighter had the victory, the other turned the tables. This one went to the wire... We won't give the ending away (hence no after pictures) but one fighter was left in tears - devastated physically and emotionally at tapping out after a consistent series of hard blows and breast attacks left her to tired to continue.

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Chaos Flashback Again (RC38)

Producer: Kamifight 60 minutes downloadable video or DVD
Attire: All topless fighting.
In the producer's opinion this is one of the best videos ever made by Kamifight and even if his opinion is subjective we thought why not share it with our customers?

So what does this nugget popped from the intimate depths of the archive contain?

To start with, it's the first appearance of Veta at KamiFight which started, as expected, with her "check-in" fight versus Kami. Connoisseurs... attention! This is BEFORE any personal relationship between Veta and Kami's husband took place. This is the first chapter in the saga of their fierce and bitter rivalry.

And just after her very first fight Veta collided with Molly - a much more experienced fighter and an undisputed queen of spectators' sympathies.

In the producer's own opinion this is one of the best fights in KamiFight history and one needs to see it to understand why he has rated this fight so highly.

The second part of the video is every bit as good as the first as it depicts 2 fights with Nasstya - first against the very experienced fighter Amy and then against the model-like Anna K. (the latter surpassed herself in this fight, being heavily insulted only spurred on her rage!), who is not only tough and aggressive but always seeks to beat her opponent both physically but verbally as well- it's a big pity the majority of our customers do not know Russian :-( We may introduce subtitles in future!

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Springing Into Chaos (RC37)

Producer: Kamifight 60 minutes downloadable video or DVD
Attire: All topless fighting.
A real gift for Sergia's fans as it shows her very first steps on the KamiFight arena.

First - as a "try-out" procedure that any new girl has to endure - she fights Kami. After their "everything goes" fight Kami additionally tries the newbie in :

  • hairpulling sumo
  • titpulling
  • bellypunching
Here is where one of the most intense rivalries in KamiFight history was born.

It was a really hard day for Sergia as right after Kami - with almost no break between - she met on the mat Natasha - a tough streetfighter who is not often invited due to her somewhat antisocial attitudes.

Next, the fight of the models - our striptease star 6' Tania clashes with equally busty and leggy Anna K (who might be a sibling of famous the Lena - so much does she resemble her not only in appearance but in viciousness too!).

And to top it all off our other 6' tall model, Ailona, battles the perfidious Natasha. A "Rose vs Toad" fight... but even if you are young beautiful and nice you are not going to let yourself get easily beaten by some dirty guttersnipe...

As a bonus at the end of the video there is a belly punching contest as Kami trades blows with Sergia. How long does it last?   Remember, it IS Kami...

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Blind Chaos (RC33)

Producer - Kamifight 61 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: Four topless real catfights, all in slingshot thongs - including a blindfold fight.
We bring you four totally real catfights, including a real blindfold fight with some of the hottest fighting women in Russia - then to top it off they fight in slingshot thongs! For those that don't know a slingshot thong is basically a thong, with no waist band, rather the thong straps cross the body and go over the shoulders. Let me tell you, this leaves little to the imagination and bodies totally open to attack. Gotta try this myself!

The first match is Kami against Giulia in a wild fight. Giulia is a great looking gal with a chest that has to be seen to be believed - not for size but for perfection! This is no beauty parlor fight though boys and girls, this is good one. Fought hard, with hand smothers, body punching, and hair ripping. The fight is intense enough that Giulia busts a strap on her slingshot. As is often the case when Kami fights a more beautiful woman, she humiliates her by going for Giulia's crotch and even face sitting her at one point.

Next up is tall red headed Ailona vs Molly. Molly has a killer body, and check the abs on Ailona! Both women want to fist fight, but they are just learning the skill. Nonetheless you will see guillotine chokes, kicks, strangling and throws. The fight is such that Ailona ends up with serious rug burns on her shoulder blade and thighs. Molly is new, but out for a kill.

Third is the blind fold fight. Personally I love these as there is an added degree of danger and excitement in them. I'm happy to say the blindfolds stay on as Kami and Cathreen brawl to submission. Eager to fight, they even clap hands so the other girl can find her and they can tear into each other. Head and body punches as well as other nasty moves and Kami's famous crotch mauling, which of course Cathreen never sees coming!

Finally, we have Ailona back again against the famous Asia. This is a wild fight and one of my favourites on this video. The fight rages all over the room and includes outstanding hair pulling and brutal head and neck twisting in this see-saw battle that could be either woman's to win, including face punches. Love to see these two back again to fight each other to a decisive victory.


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Producer - Kamifight 62 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: Six topless real catfights, plus two real fights in jeans.
Something a little different for you fans of totally real catfighting. Our partners at Kamifights bring us a new video that is, shall we say 'Kamiless'. The dislike that Veta and Zena have of Kami is obvious, but someone else does not like her much either and funded a project for the two girls that allowed them to strike out on their own and make their own fights without having Kami involved in any way.

The results are superb. Veta and Zena assemble a real collection of beauties who are more than willing to fight it out to submission. The fights are real, nasty and even cruel. Full force face slapping, hair ripping, breast mauling, wrestling, body shots you name it. This video packs EIGHT fights into just 62 minutes. Six of those fights start out topless and two are fought in jeans and tank tops. This video is non stop brutal girl fighting from start to finish. Check the video clip and see if I'm lying!

On a sadder note, Zena who has always been a total wildcat fighter and a beautiful woman appears in this video for her very last time. It seems that her boyfriend does not approve of her fighting and has demanded it stop. Sadly, like many of my own fighters, boyfriends, fiancees, and husbands have undue influence and end many a fight career. You'd think these guys would be proud to have a wildcat for a woman! At any rate, if you are a Zena fan, and who isn't, you better pick this one up.

Nasty, cruel and totally real action!


Producer - Kamifight 61 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: Topless thong fights
Anne, who is not a regular Kamifights fighter, comes to town to fight four of the best fighters in the stable over a two day period. This is totally real, competitive and nasty topless fighting. Anne loves to brawl, and as anyone who has done any real fighting knows, four fights to submission over two days is a very tough road to follow. Each fight has its own unique aspects and every one is worth the price of admission alone!

First up Anne battles Veta. Certainly a wonderful fight full of dirty tactics. Neither woman hesitates to deliver body punches and elbows. The fight features knees to the stomach, slapping including the face, face smothers and strangling.

The next two fights feature more of the same this time with Irene and then with the amazing looking Zena. These fights also feature some wild foot work, including a flip manoeuvre by Irene, that has worked in the past. She gets repaid for that by a devastating kick to the stomach/groin that ends the fight, and apparently any fun in bed for some time as well!

The final fight features Sergia, who is well known for her demonic ability to take pain and keep fighting. This final fight is a hair pulling fan's dream come true and neither woman releases her hair hold for long as they sling each other around and use it as holds to deliver blows with fists and knees.

All in all, a wonderful set of fights that let's you get an inside look at one real fighter's weekend recreation.

Sam's Scraps (#catz01)

Producer - Catz UK 60 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: Clothes get ripped off during the fight
New from the UK, totally real women in totally real catfights. A relatively new venture from the United Kingdom, this producer send us fights between women who look like ordinary house wives or the woman who lives next door. These are totally real rules catfights to submission and the women are out to do damage to each other. The film quality is outstanding and the fighting totally real with nothing held back. On this video, both featured fights are on old mats in some sort of recreation centre or club. The women fight starting off clothed, but they are allowed to strip each other topless and don't waste anytime doing so. Why? Well because the rules for these battles allow breast clawing and mauling, as well as hair pulling, slapping, insults, use of feet while on the ground as well as any and all wrestling moves.

The two fights on the video feature Sam who is fighting for only her first and second time in her life. If you have any doubts about the authenticity of the fight action in these videos you only need to check out the bloody claw marks the cover Sam's chest and the long furrows carved on her back! These fights are rough, with the women literally dragging each other around by the hair and losing clumps in the process. These women don't hate each other, but they are certainly out to fight. The fights are planned to go a number of rounds, but in both cases the fights end sooner than planned, with Sam literally retiring one of her opponents in her first appearance.

For fans of real fighting between totally real women, you have to check this out. We believe that this is the first time this product has been offered in NTSC format for North American and other clients. We're hoping you will all support this new producer joining in with Chaos Video.

Chaos Flashback (#RC29)

Producer - Kamifight 61 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: Topless thong fights
Four totally real topless apartment catfights. We're calling this video "Flashback" as the fights are older battles fought over a period of time. Nothing wrong with the fighting, but they have just been lost over time! Check out the changes to the apartment in the matches - OK we admit it is hard to pay attention to the floor coverings when two gorgeous women and kicking the living daylights out of each other!

First up we have Asia vs Coma. Neither are experienced strikers, so you'll enjoy girl style body punching and slapping. Asia uses an unusal tactic in this fight that I can only describe as 'hip smashing'. She actually uses her pelvis as a weapon, banging her hips/pelvis directly into the front of Coma's thong, but also into her butt and hips. Different but seemingly effective, at least against Coma. Both women use the thongs as weapons as well as some extensive breast grabbing.

Next up is a great and emotion filled fight between Kami and Sledom. Now Sledom is the girlfriend of Coma, and Coma is yelling instructions throughout the fight. No one wants to lose a fight in front of a lover, and Sledom is no different. Kami clearly delivers sharper punches and kicks and tosses Sledom around by her red hair and uses it to hold her when punching her. This is a dirty fight. It includes wedgies, facesitting, hand smothers, crotch mauling, and a lot of breast mauling - not grabbing. Sledom gets marked up; both bright red breasts and marks on her flanks. Sledom really loses it and comes out in a rage swinging punches to the fences and very pissed off!

Third in the line up is Natasha vs the ever popular, very flexible dancer Irene. You should know that this is Irene's second to last fight. She has been retired as a result of a brutal fight we will bring you shortly. This is an interesting fight, equally mixed between dirty tactics and kicks and punches. Irene can kick you in the head and proves it. The women go for thongs right from the start. I don't know what they make them out of in Russia but I'm sure these women wished they would rip! The ground fighting is desperate, thong work, breast mauling, choking, head punches, stomach grabbing and even an beautiful knee across the throat choke! Check out the claw marks on Natasha's back!

Finally, Natasha fights Lisa. Inexperienced Lisa is a great looking gal, but really in some trouble here. This is especially true when Natasha realizes that she can't take any groin or thong work. Natasha stalks the poor girl throughout the fight.

Chaos Continued (#RC28)

Producer - Kamifight 61 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: Topless real fights in thongs
Five brutal, real, face slapping, punching topless catfights to the finish including the long awaited Kami vs Raven rematch!

This is a fabulous video of fights, with matches made in female fight heaven. First off we have Kami streetboxing wrestler Bella in a match that includes face punching, kicks and knees. This boxing fight goes until one woman can't anymore with one fighter laid low by a series of head shots, kicks and knees as well as a beautiful kick to the stomach!

Belle also takes on professional stripper Zena. Now Belle may have thought stripper meant easy, but you all know what an experienced fighter the long and lean Zena is! This fight has body punching, face slaps, breast mauling etc. Belle knows how to wrestle, but watch the experienced Zena use her skills on the stripper's pole to ride Belle's wrestling takedown right to the mats unharmed. Amazing! This walk in the park turns out to be a walk in the jungle for Belle as she desperatly tries to close the distance on the long limbed stripper who slaps and kicks her away.

The main event is without a doubt the much anticipated Kami vs Raven rematch as a result of RC25 Chaos Begins apartment brawl. Kami and Raven now clearly hate each other and it shows! This fight has everything from explosive face slaps, body and face punches, face grabbing, hair pulling breast mauling, kicking and even Kami's humiliating and painful crotch mauling. The women fight four falls. The first fall won as the result of two face punches, the second won as a result of a devastating kick to the ribs. The third fall features a head scissors finally broken by a groin attack and features cruel nipple work, finally won as a result of catfight 'ground and pound' ala UFC. The fourth and final fall is decided as a result of belly punches. These two HAVE to fight again!

Also worth mention. A short fight between Ailona T and Kami. Ailona has previously been limited to 'glamour' or 'slap and giggle' fighting but now steps up to the real thing. She fights a spectacular fight against Kami despite having her head literally spun by a full face slap at the beginning of the fight. Ailona proves she can fight with the big girls and they had better watch out for this gal!

Last fight is the now exhausted Belle against Raven. Now martial artists like Raven have no respect for wrestlers like Belle. That cuts both ways, so they wanted at each other anyway. Both learn new respect for the others sport, but in the end they can't continue the fight to a satisfactory end, but one gal does ask that the fight be stopped. Guess who?

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Hotel Room Showdown (#ECC4)

Producer: East Coast Catfights 30 minutes: DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.

Attire: Bra/panties vs workout top/shorts, one woman fighting topless.

Tia and Carrie are video fighters. They do the circuit fighting for one company or another. Neither woman has ever met until now. As day is ending, they are facing off in a hotel room rented for no purpose other than to fight each other on camera. The furniture has been cleared and the beds stacked out of the way. Unlike some of the work they may have done in the past, this is to be a competitive fight with the gal making the other give the most time in 30 minutes winning.

The interesting thing for me, is both these women start very confident that they will win. You can tell that they both know it, they will win. Of course one must be wrong. Those of you who fight yourself will appreciate how this turns out. No fight is just physical, it's also mental. Early one, one fighter wins this mental game and the other never recovers. The mental domination sets up the physical that follows, and then she keeps it up by choosing to fight topless, further intimidating her uncomfortable opponent. Its a beautiful thing to watch.

The fight features great hairpulling, and a lot of wrestling type moves. There is very little slapping though it is allowed for in the rules. This is really a contest of physical and mental domination and frankly you can see the fight go out of one woman, and in the end she is clearly crushed. Frankly I'm hoping we'll see the winner back with someone who can match her bitch on bitch!

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Standup Chaos (#RC27)

Producer - Kamifight 65 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: Topless and thongs. One fight with boxing gloves.
Fans of standup girl fights will love this. We bring you six authentic, 100% real standup catfights between women who are truly out to win. This tape also features our first taste of Russian women boxing - or catboxing. By standup catfights, we mean that in almost all cases in these fights, the girls intentionally avoid ground fighting, so the battle is focused on punches, slaps, knees, kicks and hair to win the fight.

We start off with Kami and the increasingly skilled and nasty Veta punching the daylights out of each other in our first gloved boxing match. I call this catboxing, because there really are no limits on where they can punch, and yes they go for the head, but they also kick and take it to the ground and fight there too.

Next the gorgeous Sergia fights Bella, a woman who clearly has some Greco Roman wrestling training in a real nasty fight. Those wrestling skills are not too valuable here in a standup fight. Bella holds back on her punches to start, but the experience Sergia does not. You get real face slapping, hair, breast claws, punches and slaps, as well as lots of kicks high into the ribs, stomach, and even a beautiful head kick from Sergia.

Then Veta fights Michelle a yummy actress battling in only the second fight of your life. Is this how you gain experience for the movie fights? Sure is the hard way! Right after that you get a very short fight with Kami quickly destroying Xana, a fighter from the early days making a return, perhaps for the last time.

Raven, who had the brutal arranged apartment fight with Kami in "RC25 Chaos Begins", comes in to fight. I thought she would be after another taste of Kami, but instead she fights Sergia. This is a wonderful fight. Exchanges of face slaps, breast kicks, elbows thrown. At points during the fight, both women end up checking their faces to see if they are cut, Raven is staggered by a blow to the head that I thought might end it. By they end they are both clearly exhausted, but while punching the other woman, one girl injures her hand so she can't fight on and loses. REMATCH! And of course I want to see Raven fight Kami again too!

Finally, Veta fights Bella. A bit more ground fighting in this one, and let me tell you, it seems to me that Veta is studying Jui Jitsu. She deals with the wrestler with some very nice guillotine chokes, and more than once. Another great fight that leaves Veta bleeding badly from a torn elbow.

Chaos Reality Check #RC24

Producer - Kamifight 65 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: topless with thongs, or thongs and stockings
A rare real face slapping and punching series of catfights. Our gal Kami and her husband had met another couple via the internet. After talking they all got together at Kami's apartment and started to party. Now the meeting had nothing to do with fighting, but Natalia, a big blond girl, finally asked about the mats in the flat. Kami explained her business and more partying and drinking went on. In time, the much larger Natalia decided that a bigger gal like herself would have no problem with someone as comparatively small as Kami. Well one thing lead to another and soon the fight was on.

Now maybe it was the heat of the exchange, but more likely it was the result of the partying, but what follows is a very nasty fight as the women strip down to thongs to have it out. There are few inhibitions in place for this one, and you hear both husbands yelling instructions to their wives as Kami's husband films the fight. Faces take full out slaps, and even some punches, bodies take fist after fist, the fighters throw each other to the ground and deliver claws and blows to breasts. In the end huge clumps of Natalia's hair litter the mats as one woman lies sobbing in defeat.

So you would think that was enough. Natalia however is not satisfied with the outcome and the very next morning challenges Kami to fight again, this time cold sober. Wearing the same thongs as the night before, they face off again. This fight is slower to start, as the women have to work up to the cruelty of the night before. Don't worry, they get there just fine and this fight is ended when one woman, on the ground takes a devastating punch to the breast followed by a rocketing face slap that leaves her crying and finished.

Well now we can't say Natalie is not stubborn. She contacts Kami during the week and sets up two more fights with smaller girls because she just can't accept that it's skill not size. Her next fight is against Sergia who is on an amazingly unlucky losing streak. The fight goes to face slapping right from the start, but ends fairly early as Sergia ends up with a blow to the face that starts a huge nose bleed that leaves Sergia bleeding badly and crying.

Not really being a clean win, because of the fight being stopped for bleeding, Natalia takes on Veta. Many of you will have noticed how ripped Veta is getting and just how her skills, and her cruel streak, are developing. Much like a younger Demi (of Tanya Kicks fame) in looks and development. Veta takes Natalia apart. Fabulous arm locks combined with strangulation, breast mauling and suffocating scissors. Veta is seen to truly be enjoying the pain she's putting her larger opponent through.

The final match is a thong and stocking fight with Kami against a young actress called Michelle who is trying her first catfight. Maybe should have chosen an easier opponent?

So you get five great matches, some of which I'm sure many of you will talk about for a long time, running about 60 minutes for just $40. As always this is real, this is brutal and it is exclusive to Chaos Video. DVD, VHS and download.

Chaos Betrayed #RC23

Producer - Kamifight 60 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: Bras, panties & stockings - with Karate Gis: stripping to topless.

Exclusive to Chaos Video Productions! Not to be found elsewhere!

A true mistress vs wife fight! Some of you may remember the incredible Zena who made her stunning comeback in "Siberian Chaos" rc23 - what you don't know is the reason for her long absence from these videos. Zena was literally rescued from the streets by Kami, who treated her like a younger sister and taught her to fight. Sadly, Zena paid back Kami by engaging in a liaison with Kami's husband, and let's just say there was no chastity involved. Having fled and kept a low profile for well over a year, tempers have calmed at least to the point where the two women can fight and no one will be killed!

Just to make sure however, Kami's husband put special rules in place for this fight and had the women agree to whatever he set out in advance. What he determined is that they would fight in Karate Gi tops, with bras, panties and stockings underneath. The fight would go an hour with the most number of submission gained determining the winner. Also if you lose a fall, you lose your Gi, and then your bra, and you start the next fall on hands and knees with the winner on top. Also to avoid serious damage, he decided no strikes of any kind would be allowed.

Now at first you may think that would make for a tame fight - and you would be wrong. This is a HIGHLY emotionally charged fight, wife vs mistress, teacher vs student and the women are determined to hurt and humiliate each other as much as they can in the time they have. The hair pulling in this video is cruel and as might be expected in a fight driven by these kinds of emotion, both women continuously attack each other sexually, and I don't mean that in any erotic way. Rarely have I seen a real fight with so many attacks on each other's womanhood. By the end both women are a mess, covered in sweat and on the verge of exhaustion. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if this fight had in fact been to exhaustion, as I suspect the victor may have been different. See if you agree...

This amazing video is ready for you as a DVD (recommended), VHS or as a high quality download for those of you with a high speed connection.

Siberian Chaos (#RC21)

Producer - Kamifight 60 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: Three topless fights (pantyhose or thongs) and one in shorts and bras.
We're introducing Anne to you this time out, a Siberian gal who periodically wanders into the city to show the city girls that a country girl will kick ass every time. Anne's first fight was a bit of a surprise as she met this punk girl, Kirsh at a bar in the city. The noticed each other and started talking. Soon Anne was explaining why she was in town and what she did to make extra cash. Kirsh, who explained she too has had her share of fights wondered, even not having any issue with Anne, if it would take her two minutes, or three to put Anne in her place. Well long story short, the two women show up at Kami's house in the early morning, still partially drunk and demanding a space to fight. The do it topless after whipping each other with shirts in bright coloured pantyhose. This is just one of two fights on this tape with Anne.

Additionally we have Sergia and Irene fighting in bras and shorts. Now the interesting thing here is both these women are very sensitive to having their hair pulled and are really very vulnerable there. For some reason, perhaps because they are equals in this regard, this turns out to be one of the best hairpulling fights of the past year!

Without a doubt though the best fight on this video comes last. We assure you that you and everyone will be talking about this brutal battle for some time. The fight is a topless one with Veta (Anne's sister BTW) against Zena. Now most of you don't know Zena, but she has been missing for a year and a half, and before her disappearance was well known as one of the sexiest and best fighters in the stable. Now she is back and wants to prove she is still the baddest bitch out there. This is a fight for fist fight fans, these girls hold NOTHING back, as they rock each other with fists and knees wherever they can strike, including the head when they can. There is a really good verbal exchange and the women totally lose their tempers part way through the fight, that we have provided sub-titles for. You want to see two women in a total catfight frenzy going at it, you're going to love this!

In the Grip of Chaos (#RC19)

Producer - Kamifight 60 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: All fights are topless thongs only fights.
It seems that every one of our Russian fights have something we can point out as a special feature. This time round it is certainly CLAWS! Now I don't mean the nails out, blood welt kind of claws, but rather the grabbing, twisting, sinking your fingers into her flesh to make your fingers meet type of clawing.

This video has four apartment catfights and while there is hair pulling, slapping and even some limited head and face punching it really is how the girls use their hands that makes this video special. This is a video where in each fight the girls sink their hands deep into each others breasts, where they reach for the stomach and grab as much flesh as they can and twist. There is no hesitation here either about grabbing each other between the legs and doing as much damage as possible when the target is there. Along that theme, you'll also see some amazing use of thongs as weapons as the women try to split each other with them. I don't know what they make thongs out of in Russia, but it has remarkable strength, as to the women who are being worked over by them!

Like real fights between untrained fighting gals who are not afraid to play dirty? This is for you!

"Bloody Chaos" #RC18

Producer - Kamifight 60 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: All fights are topless thongs only fights.
"This may be too rough". That was the concern of the producer when sending us this video. Not a problem we assured them, the rougher the better for Chaos Video fans. This is a great set of four fights with some special features including the return from retirement of Lena, one of my personal fav fighters in this gang.

As I said, Lena comes back out of retirement after over a year out of the game, her last appearance being back in RC07. It is only appropriate that her first fight is against her most bitter enemy Kami herself. Fans remember the epic battles fought between these two, in fact the only fights Kami refuses to talk about, and this fight is pure cat hate. Lena is looking thinner but every bit as aggressive as ever. These gals do not hesitate to deliver full force face punches, rip breasts, pull hair etc. You can hear the thud of face punches and see the heads snap. Clearly this rivalry is FAR from being over as both suffer in this give and take fight.

Also on the video is the gal I think is the cutest fighter in the stable - Sergia. Now a blonde this little ball of spit fights two matches on the tape one against oriental Cathreen and in a second fight against Tina. Now if anyone ever gets hurt in a fight its Sergia. In the first fight Cathreen delivers a blow that splits the inside of Sergia's lip and causes a pause in the fight. In the second fight Tina delivers blow after blow after blow to the left side of Sergia's face. The damage is visible, split lip again, this time showing blood on her face and a blackened left eye from the repeated damage. Without a doubt Sergia is cute, but also tough as they come and not afraid to catfight with the best of them.

The fourth fight on the video is Lena once again, now against Tina. These beauties maul chests, pull hair and slap like hell. There really is not a weak fight on this video and this one is no exception. Another back and fourth fight with both women winning and losing submission. The ground submission here are tough to get brutal in their application.

Now this video SHOULD be a $40 video based on the quality of the fights, but you win in this case. The lighting was not the best, so the colour quality is less than perfect. I know you demand both great fights and good quality production so I've dropped the price to just $30 for this set of fights.

Make Her Cry (#ECC3)

Producer: East Coast Catfights 25 minutes: DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.

Attire: All fights are topless and thongs/panties.

Like to see a fight where one girl makes the other cry? For real? How about two fights like that? Alexus is a woman who seems to like putting the hurt on her opponent and she proceeds to rip apart not one, but two women in this video. All the gals are good looking, tall thin types, but clearly in the house to fight. Alexus oozes an attitude that says "I'm better than you and I'll prove it on the mats". Both her opponents also start confident of the outcome as well.

The first fight features Tabitha, and the women are a perfect match in height, weight, looks, tattoos etc. This gets ugly really fast, mostly wrestling moves are used, but the hair pulling in this fight is spectacular and is clearly one of Alexus' best tactics. Tabitha bitterly complains about the hair work, even to the point they put hair up for a fall - but hey it's a catfight, what did you expect? The other thing Tabitha didn't seem to expect was the body punches! Though Tabitha comes back time and time again, its a cat and mouse fight, just that Tabitha is a very nasty mouse. The sobbing tears you'll witness are caused by real pain and frustration.

The second fight is a very short affair and that's too bad. Veronica is a looker with a much fuller chest than Alexus and a very interesting large thigh tattoo. This looks like it has the makings of a really nasty dustup, but very early on in the fight, Alexus injures Veronica to the point she can't fight - and is left crying on the mats.

This video shows the excellent progress this producer is making in developing a style of their own, and we hope to bring you something else from them shortly.

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"Chaos Challenged" (#RC17)

Producer - Kamifight 60 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: A Single endurance, tough girl fight, with strip consequences ending topless and thongs.
Originally designed to be a totally private affair, we now release this endurance fight to the public. The goal was to determine the toughest woman in the 'gang' and it was decided that the best way was a 60 minute fight with no breaks. The women would fight to submission falls but after each fall you would forfeit an item of clothing and you would start the next fall in a position of disadvantage. This fight is exclusive to Chaos Video.

The fighters are, naturally enough Kami herself, and she faces her most talented pupil at the moment, the young and very strong Sergia. Now as this whole contest is about who is the toughest and strongest, it was decided that no strikes would be allowed, as Kami with her Karate background would be at an advantage and the point would not be made between them. That does not however stop them both from using their normal catfight tactics and humiliation moves on each other.

This is a very tough fight. Both women suffer at each others hands and in the end their hair is matted down and their bodies glisten with sweat. Both women use thongs as weapons, attempt breast and hand smothers, maul chests and crotches, pull hair etc. A VERY interesting and very even fight for the full 60 minutes. A real insight to the inner workings of one of the most notorious catfight stables in Europe.

"Feline Fury" (#TK002)

Producer - TanyaKicks
Attire: panties, bras, t-shirts & topless
This is the first catfight ever made by TanyaKicks. It stars Tanya versus Lee.

And it's a very nasty 25 minute catfight. Lee and Tanya go at it starting off in panties, bras and t-shirts. In the first round they strip off everything but the panties.

After a break they start again with the panties and t's, but decide that real women fight bare chested so they are soon stripped off.

If you like real catfight action with lots of slapping, hairpulling, tit torture, breast smothering and REAL pain, this tape is definitely for you.

Fought to a definite end with one of woman submitting, this tape is for the NOTHING FAKED fan.

The video has been re-mastered in November 2005. And the price lowered as well. Own a classic!

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"A Taste of Chaos" (#RC16)

Producer - Kamifight 60 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: All fights are topless in thongs - one with towels.
This a great video featuring four real and very rough catfights with something for everyone including our first fight with 'weapons'. As usual these totally untrained fighters just do what girls do naturally in a real fight, punch face, pull hair, rip into each other including breast and groin attacks.

The third fight is unusual. This is Kami against Seagull wearing thongs and bath towels over top. The rules are simple - fight it out and use the towels as weapons. This is no B movie shower room towel fight boys and girls, these two use these added weapons with effect. Now I don't know what it is, but you rarely see any type of face sitting in these fights, but for some reason Kami decides she is going to put this newcomer in her place and intentionally face sits her. Seagull loses it and the fight gets even rougher than before. After the second submission you can see Kami looking at the camera and thinking this is over - only to be jumped again by Seagull. Now Kami's desire to really put the new gal in her place kicks in. Afterwards you see Seagull cleaning up in the bathroom only to be assaulted by Kami once again.

The first fight on the video is Natasha vs Tanina in a fight that will make fans of low attack grin. These tow gals start off mauling breasts, and just fight dirty from there on in. This fight is all about how much damage you can do the other woman's chest and groin and they even ignore their own pain in order to get the chance to damage the other.

Second is a fight again featuring Natasha, but this time up against former ballerina Seagull. This newcomer starts slow but this fight turns out to be a battle of equals. The punches are girlish, but this fight develops into an intense struggle with punching, grappling, head butts to the chest as well as wedgies and groin mauling.

The final fight is a short and brutish affair featuring incredibly good looking Ailona and Lisa. This is not so much a fight as a frenzy of female anger and fight craze. These two just rip into each other with virtually no regard for themselves, and with the sole goal of hurting her opponent as much as possible in the short time they have. Whewww!

Hearts in Chaos (#RC15)

Producer - Kamifight 60 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: All fights are topless apartment battles.
This tape has lots of drama and we're not just talking on the mats boys and girls. This video features four topless real catfights, but two of them are particularly worthy of note because of the emotional environment in which they are fought. Folks we could not make this stuff up - sometimes life is stranger than fiction!

Kami's husband was romantically involved with Veta around Christmas of last year. Now Kami was well aware of this situation and tolerated this from the woman who is five years her junior mostly because it was romantic, not sexual. In other words Veta and the man involved would spend a lot of time together, long walks, holding hands etc, but they never crossed the line of sleeping together. Eventually it becomes too much and Kami invites Veta over and they start drinking. She has hubby film them, then springs the subject on Veta after they've had a few. Kami suggests that the reason Veta has not slept with her man is because she can't offer him anything worthwhile - Veta replies that the time Kami could offer any man anything in bed was long past. Well you can guess where it goes from there. Russian linguists among you will dramatically improve your knowledge of curses, swears and derogatory sexual insults with this video! This is a cruel fight, and clearly sex is a factor, so both women ensure they go low and do what damage they can at every chance. A thong attack fans dream, it is truly amazing neither is split in two.

The second fight that bears special mention is the much anticipated rematch between Ailona and Anne K. You will recall the ugly fight between these two on 'Chaos Exposed 2' and it seems neither woman has learned to love the other more since. The full out punches to the head and face are devastating and thud throughout the room, again strangulation is a factor as is all other manner of female fighting from hair pulling, breast work, leg holds etc. A short but brutish encounter between two women destined to be life long enemies.

You also get two other great and nasty topless fights on this tape including Kami vs Coma as well as Natasha fighting Anne K.

Chaos Exposed 2 (#RC14)

Producer - Kamifight 65 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: All fights are topless right from the start!

Russian Catfight 14Russian Catfight 14

'Chaos Exposed' was a huge seller, and this series of fights follows that tradition of real and brutal apartment catfighting. Clear the furniture, strip off the shirts and find out who the better woman really is. This is a continuation of the original fights, and each fighter brings her own style to the living room. The weapons claws, punches, kicks, breast mauling, groin mauling, choking and all manner of dirty real fighting.

Kami fights twice in this video, and as those of you who know her are aware, a woman best keep her legs together when fighting Kami. This girl never hesitates to go low in a fight and is by far the cruelest fighter in the stable in this regard. Kami is a very tough fight, and two women find this out up close and personal. Both her opponents, Ricky and Ailona are beautiful women with much bigger chests than Kami, and perhaps this is why she attackers them as she does?

In what is certainly the highlight of this video, we get to see Ailona and Anne K fight each other. Now this is a special fight boys and girls. These two clearly hate each other. The blows to the head include full shots to the face and this is cruel encounter all around. You almost never see REAL strangulation in a fight but you do here as both women attempt to put the other out with their bare hands around the others throats. We understand that there is a even more brutal rematch in the making!

Russian Catfight 14Russian Catfight 14

The final fight features the always ripped (check out the abs on this gal!) Natalie also returning from Chaos Exposed 1 to fight Anne K as they through each other all over the room trying to prove they are ready to move up to the top tier of the fight stable.

Russian Catfight 14Russian Catfight 14

Chaos Exposed (#RC12)

Producer - Kamifight 65 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: All fights are topless right from the start!

Russian Catfight 12Russian Catfight 7

Brutal, real and sometimes bloody catfighting action at its best. This is the first of two videos featuring wild topless catfighting from Russia. These videos have something for everyone who is a fan of totally real fights between beautiful women warriors. Let us explain.

First off is a fight between newcomer Tania a stunning beauty at 5'8 matched against equally tall Irene. Irene is clearly from a gymnast background, and Tania clearly knows her way around a strippers pole! If you like cruel hair pulling this is a fight for you. Irene is a tough fighter with a high pain threshold, but while she loves to pull hair she does not take it well. As your Russian is not likely very good we'll translate: you can hear Irene trying to negotiate with Tania, "you let go I'll let go on three, 1 ... 2..." and Tania saying, "sure just say you stop". The hair pulling goes on. As do the head, face and body punchers, knees, breast mauling etc.

Second up is the veteran fighter Kami clawing it out with another newcomer Natalie. Now Natalie is the sister of Veta featured in our other fights. Poor Natalie, who would want to have their first fight against such a nasty opponent? However she fights like a wildcat to defend herself against the much more experienced fighter. Fans of crotch and thong work will be pleased with this fight. Kami is well known for her like of making a fight 'personal' for her opponents by going for groin attacks. This is no exception as Natalie has her thong used as a weapon against her as well as having to endure Kami's direct attacks on her womanhood.

Russian Catfight 12Russian Catfight 12

The third fight is newcomer vs newcomer as Tania and Natalie face off. This is wild fight as well filled with fists to bodies, heads and breasts. Tania ends up getting a serious cut to her elbow, but does not notice at first as she fights getting messier all the time. Eventually she does notice she is cut and frankly loses control in anger charging Natalie with kicks and strikes ... well it just gets better!

Russian Catfight 12Russian Catfight 12

The final fight is Asia vs Irene. This is a one sided fight, but the loser never seems to notice! She is constantly bouncing back up and launching direct, violent frontal assaults against her opponent. When finally defeated she is outraged and makes sure we all know it. Clearly no love lost between these two and frankly little doubt this rivalry is over!

As usual, this is some of the very best real catfighting in the world and so far the best fights from this producer this year. And it is exclusive to Chaos Video. Check out he free clips and be convinced. Ready for you on DVD, as a download and on any VHS format.

Lena's Final Chaos (#RC07)

Producer - Kamifight 90 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: Variety from thongs, skirts, schoolgirl gear including three topless fights.

Russian Catfight 7Russian Catfight 7

Lena fights for her final time. Fans of long limbered Lena will be saddened to know that we will not see this talented fighter again, nor any future epic battles with Kami. This video features Lena's final fight, a hard fought topless duel with Lisa, which was filmed before Lena married, settled down, and hung up her claws.

Russian Catfight 7Russian Catfight 7

The good news is that this is just one of four fights on this video. As always we are bringing you the best in REAL competitive women's fights. Among these fights there are some real gems. Of course Lena's final fight is a great match including head and body punching, breast mauling, kicks and ground fighting basically to exhaustion. For fans of totally brutal wedgies, Lisa and Natasha fight each other in nothing but thongs. Both girl's manage to pull the waist bands chest high as they try to damage each other where it hurts. They go beyond that though with wild face and head punches, kicking and mayhem which see the fight end with one gal having had her lip split.

Russian Catfight 7Russian Catfight 7

Kami is back too! She fights another gal dressed in school girl clothing. This fight is a nasty bit of work. Kami as we all know is a dangerous fighter who given the chance will savage an opponent without mercy. She does here too. She delivers crushing stomach punches, groin blows, head and face punches, knees etc. More than once she even facesits her victim to hold her in place as she rains down blows from ankle to neck, leaving out nothing.

Now this is already a great video, but the original film has some occasional minor "pixelation". So to make up for it we have included two wrestling fights, one topless, to the video. These are not straight wrestling as the women go for what counts, breasts and crotch, as well as everything you'd expect in wrestling. The difference between these two fights and our regular ones, is the lack of blows being struck.

As always these fights are ready for you in a two part download, on DVD (our recommendation) or on any format of VHS tape. You get all 90 minutes for only $40!

Total Chaos (#RC06)

Producer - Kamifight 90 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: Variety from thongs, skirts, underwear, ladies Ts including some topless fights.

Russian Catfight 6Russian Catfight 6

You know this fight is going to be different ... you can see it in their eyes. That was our first impression as we watched this, the very first fight between Lena and Kami, and the set up for the epic vicious fight in "Real Chaos". This is topless fight in a closed space and it is for keeps. The girls punch, including the face and head, kick, titmaul, crotch maul, wedgie and even strangle and hand smother each other as they fight it out. You clearly understand they hate each other and it's in their faces as the sweat pours off them. In the end one fighter decides as an afterthought to humiliate the other, something never seen in these videos, a facesit. The victim fights back as tears are shed then, then in a fury she attacks the victor again before it is broken up. All we could say was, "Wow!". No wonder they fought with such abandon on our earlier release. Too bad we did not get these fights in order.

There are three other catfights on this video. All feature amateur style catfighting which is real, nasty and fought till one woman quits. Worthy of special mention is Nastya, a cocky and foul mouthed (if you speak Russian) woman who specialised in kicks, and especially knee strikes. She is devastating in her first of two matches, but then meets Lena for her second fight, this time topless, and finds out that fighting is more than attitude!

Russian Catfight 6Russian Catfight 6

As a bonus we have added two other special features. One a wrestling match between Kami and an unidentified woman. There are no blows struck in this match, but both girls don't miss chances to breast maul and sneak attacks to the crotch. The second bonus has Kami again in a special match. This is a mutual head scissors match. The girls lock each other up in a mutual head-to-foot head scissors and pour it on. Best of three winner punishes loser with two rounds of a modified bow-and-arrow using the legs and head hair.

As always these fights are ready for you in a two part download, on DVD (our recommendation) or on any format of VHS tape. You get all 90 minutes for only $40!

Chaos in the Woods (#RC05)

Producer - Kamifight 60 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: Variety from thongs, jeans, skirts, underwear, ladies Ts. Some fights topless.

Russian Catfight 3Russian Catfight 3

Something new and exclusive from our producer of REAL Russian catfights. This video "Chaos in the Woods" features three of the four fights outside in the trees, the last two moving indoors to a 'izba' (hut). There is a wide variety of fighting here as well as fighting experience. Some fights have girls who are doing this for the first time, while others are veterans and it shows. As always these fights are real and to submission. The girls pull hair, punch everywhere, kick, titmaul, and fire shots to the crotches.

Russian Catfight 3Russian Catfight 3

A couple of points worth mentioning. In the second fight we see Lena, whom many of you will remember from the brutal fight with Kami in "Real Chaos". This is where it started folks. You can see Kami sitting on the forest floor watching this fight and it is here she took a total dislike to Lena. They did not fight this day, but you can see it coming as Lena savages her opponent. In the third fight you get to see Kami fight. They move the fight indoors due to the rain, but on the way they decided that they wanted at each others breasts. They start indoor by tearing down their bras and then go for the chest every chance they get. You'll also see Kami delivering punches to her opponent's crotch time and again. The last fight again features Lena, now in nothing but a small thong which she very nearly loses. Nice wedgies delivered here in a great fight that just made Kami want at her even more.

Real Chaos! (#RC03)

Producer - Kamifight 64 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats.
Attire: Attire: Variety of topless, thongs, dresses, skirts, and shirts.

Russian Catfight 3Russian Catfight 3

Once again we bring you brutal catfight action from Kamifight out of the Russian Federation. This video runs 64 minutes and features three fights. The first fight features Kami herself verse Lena and this is the meanest fight from this company, even taking the last two videos into consideration. These girls have a long standing dispute going back some time. The women are locked up together for hours with a good supply of vodka and allowed to simmer slowly. When the fight does break out the camera is not even ready. They strip each other down to string thongs and set out to destroy each other. This fight alone is 36 minutes. There are no rules at all. Hair pulling, face slapping which turns to face punching, body punching and kicking, breast and crotch mauling, suffocation attempts and even mutual strangulation in this desperate fight. After the fight ends they go to the back room to find some clothes, but they have not satisfied themselves yet as another epic battle breaks out doing serious damage to the small space as well as themselves. There is nothing faked here, this is serious and totally REAL fighting between two women who hate each other.

Russian Catfight 3Russian Catfight 3

The other two fights are held in a cottage and feature great fighting from four girls. Kicking, body punching and in one of the fights, face punches that literally knock one gal off her feet. All the fights we bring you from this company are outstanding quality fights that will leave the hard-core fan well satisfied. We have this video on DVD, on VHS, and we also have it as a full length high quality download.

Russian Chaos (#RC01)

Producer - Kamifight 64 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats
Attire: Variety of topless, thongs, dresses, skirts, blouses and shirts.
We are thrilled to present to you a new line of totally real catfights, this time from the Russian Federation, currently EXCLUSIVE TO CHAOS VIDEO. This outstanding video features six women in four separate catfights. The fighters are all attactive normal women with only their natural fighting skills to fall back on.

Each of these fights is hard fought to exhaustion. The fight goes till one can't go on, she is given just enough time to get back on her feet and the fight is on again till worn out.

These fights are great for the fan of standup fighting though there is still lots of nasty ground fighting too. Featured is fist fighting including face punching, use of nails, vicious hair pulling and breast mauling. The girls do not hesisitate to kick when they have the room and they use knees stikes to the body and groin when they can. Wedgies are employed to cause pain and control and crotch mauling is also common. Three fights are in a small room in an apartment and the fourth in a villa. Outstanding, nasty real fighting.

MORE Russian Chaos (#RC02)

Producer - Kamifight 64 minutes DVD, downloadable video, all VHS formats
Attire: Variety of topless, thongs, dresses, skirts, garters and stockings.
This is our second offering of this wonderfully nasty product direct from the Russian Federation to you. The video features five women in four fights. All the fights are totally real events fought with only enough break time to get back on your feet before you are forced to fight again. All four battles are to exhaustion and feature facepunching, body shots, knees, kicks, groin and breast attacks and brutal hair pulling.

In every fight the girls are fighting like tigers and on some occasions you can see attitudes change as one woman begins to fear the other. Nonetheless, in every case they both go onto the attack again.

This is great catfighting action and we're very proud to currently be the EXCLUSIVE distributors of this action. This video is $10 less then the first in the series due to some trouble with the camera which occasionally and momentarily "pixelates" the picture. This in NO WAY takes away from the brutal action presented. And you save 10 bucks!

Silk Stockings

Producer - TanyaKicks (#TK007) 47 minutes
Demi vs TanyaKicks
Tanya and Demi dress each other, Betty Page style, silk stockings, bras, and even those long opera gloves that she wore. Well,to make a long story short, a brawl erupts! Unscripted and unrehearsed, the film has great close-ups as they fight all over the boudoir. There is little they don't do to each other, hair pulling, bites, vicious tit torture, suffocation, crotch splitting wedgies; nothing held back slaps, and even punching. At one point, Demi has Tanya down and slowly rakes her nails up her thigh, laughing as Tanya shrieks!

There is a bonus here too. Tanya had never fought nude, Demi had never fought topless. Tanya loses all, but she also got to work Demi's bare tits without any clothing getting in the way. It just happened and the women were so into it, they never even blinked. Not for the "slap and giggle" catfight fan. This is a real catfight!